Starting watercolour classes doesn't have to make your wallet weep!  You might be surprised at how little you need to get started:

  • a round watercolour brush, size 4 or 6 recommended
  • watercolour paper (140 lb. hot or cold press)
  • watercolour paint
  • something to mix paint on - a plastic palette or even an old dinner plate
  • a cup of water

Other things that are not necessary but are nice to have are:

  • a paper towel or two
  • a pencil and eraser
  • washi or masking tape (Michaels usually has rolls for 50 cents!)
  • a white gel pen or white paint

If you need a little more guidance, I've included a list of my favourites below. You can also take a look at Chapter Two: Choosing Supplies (coming soon!) for a more in-depth overview of the different supplies you might add to your kit over time.


If you're having trouble choosing your own supplies or have no idea where to start, here are a few suggestions of products I've tried.  If you do buy watercolour tubes individually, I'd recommend having the primary colours (red, yellow, and blue) along with black – you can mix the rest.  

* Amazon links are affiliate links but I provided links to better-priced options where available. Make sure you shop around for the pricier items like Arches and Silver brushes!


  • GOOD:  Winsor & Newton Cotman, Size 6 Round (Michaels)
  • BETTER:  Wonder Forest Brush Set (Amazon)
  • BEST:  Silver Black Velvet, Size 6 Round  (Delta Art)


  • GOOD:  Strathmore 8x10" Sheets, 10 Sheets (Amazon)
  • BETTER:  Wonder Forest 9x12" Pad, 20 Sheets (Amazon)
  • BEST:  Arches 9x12" Block, 10 Sheets (Delta Art)


  • GOOD:  Arteza Pans, Set of 12 (Amazon)
  • BETTER: Winsor & Newton Cotman Tubes Set (Amazon) or Grumbacher Academy Paint Tubes (Michaels)
  • BEST:  Winsor & Newton Professional Tubes (Michaels)


  • Dr Ph Martin's Bleedproof White Ink (Amazon)
  • Gelly Roll White Gel Pen (Michaels)
  • Mixing Palette (Michaels)
  • Drafter's Tape (Amazon)
  • Retractable Eraser (Michaels)
  • A tumbler with a lid so you don't accidentally drink paint water (Amazon)